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  • Exercise Safety for Parents

    How to get fit without getting hurt.

  • Osteochondritis Dissecans for Parents

    Osteochondritis dissecans is when a piece of bone and the attached cartilage break down and become loose. If it heals completely, kids who have it usually don't have any long-lasting problems.

  • Panner's Disease for Teens

    Panner's disease is a painful bone condition linked to overuse of the elbow. A teen with Panner's disease needs to avoid all activities that cause pain so the bone can heal.

  • Signing Kids Up for Sports for Parents

    Organized sports can help kids grow in many ways. Consider your child's age, personality, and abilities to help make sports fun.

  • Sports Safety for Teens

    Sports Safety

  • Training & Performance for Teens for Teens

    These tips can help you get ready to play your best season ever.

  • Can Kids and Teens With Asthma Play Sports? for Parents

    Kids and teens who have asthma can and do play sports. But some activities are better than others - find out more.

  • Stretching for Teens

    You may have heard mixed things about stretching before working out. Here are the cold, hard facts on warming up, stretching, and cooling down.

  • Sports for Teens

    What's the best sport for me? How can I work with my coach? How can I avoid sports injuries? This section has answers to these and other questions about sports.

  • Sports for Teens

    This section has tips on things like preparing for a new season, handling sports pressure, staying motivated, and dealing with injuries.