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  • Seasonal Allergies (Hay Fever) for Parents

    At various times of the year, pollen and mold spores trigger the cold-like symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. Most kids find relief through reduced exposure to allergens or with medicines.

  • Allergy Testing for Teens

    Doctors use several different types of allergy tests, depending on what a person may be allergic to. Find out what to expect from allergy tests.

  • Allergies for Teens

    Your eyes itch, your nose is running, you're sneezing, and you're covered in hives. The enemy known as allergies has struck again.

  • All About Allergies for Parents

    Millions of Americans, including many kids, have an allergy. Find out how allergies are diagnosed and how to keep them under control.

  • Learning About Allergies for Kids

    During an allergic reaction, your body's immune system goes into overdrive. Find out more in this article for kids.

  • Expert Reviewers for Parents

    All of the information in our articles is reviewed by an expert team of medical professionals assembled by KidsHealth before appearing on our site.

  • Teacher's Guide: Asthma (Grades 9 to 12) for Educators

    Your students may know someone who has asthma and they may have seen someone use an inhaler, but how much do they know about asthma? The activities in this Teacher's Guide will help your students learn about this condition and how it can affect people's lives.