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  • Healthy Eating & Your Family for Parents

    Nutritious ways to keep kids satisfied at the table.

  • Nutrition & Fitness Center Content List for Parents

    You know the importance of good nutrition and exercise, but how do you feed a picky eater or encourage a child who hates sports to play outside? Learn how to keep your child healthy with the right foods and exercise.

  • Sports Medicine Q&A for Parents

    Answers to your questions about fitness, sports injuries, and more.

  • Smart Food Choices for Parents

    Food power equals brainpower! Ideas for snacks and meals.

  • Helping With Homework for Parents

    Get tips and advice on helping kids and teens with classwork and problems at school.

  • Snacks for Preschoolers for Parents

    Healthy and well-timed snacks can help fill in nutritional gaps for preschoolers. But how do you turn yours into a smart snacker?

  • Your Child's Checkup: 3 Years for Parents

    Find out what this doctor's visit will involve and what your child might be doing by the third year.

  • Sports Medicine Center Content List for Parents

    Get tips on everything from finding the best sport for your child to handling family factors and injuries.

  • How Media Use Affects Your Child for Parents

    Technology can be part of a healthy childhood, but it's important for parents to track their kids' screen time and set limits.

  • Training & Performance for Parents

    How to train safely and get fit.