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Kids' Health Issues to Watch: Bullying: Not Just Kids' Stuff

Bullying: Not Just Kids' Stuff

Growing recognition of the impact of bullying has prompted new urgency to prevent it in schools and communities.

While bullying is nothing new, school shootings at Virginia Tech and elsewhere highlighted the reach of bullying and how it can escalate far beyond schoolyard scuffles. One new study showed that 90% of elementary school students have been bullied by peers and 60% of kids admitted to being bullies. Other new research points to the long-term effects of bullying. One study found that bullies and their victims are more likely than other kids to be victims of crime outside of school. At least 32 states had passed laws in 2007 that prohibit bullying and set up prevention programs.

What to Watch:

Bullying will continue to move beyond the domain of school discipline and into the realm of public health and safety, with more state and local governments attempting to address the issue through legislation and community programs. Parents will also be called on to take a more active role in broaching the issue with their kids.

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