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Children's Health Issues to Watch: Health Care 2.0

Health Care 2.0: The Electronic Age of Health Care

From e-prescribing to disease blogs, advances in technology are fast transforming the quality of health care and the way families access it.

Electronic medical records (EMRs) hold the promise of improving health care by increasing the efficiency of everything from accessing a patient's medical history to tracking medical errors. Meanwhile, Internet innovations and a rapid expansion of health-related websites have made more medical information accessible to parents and families. As consumer-directed health plans put more decisions about medical care in families' hands, parents increasingly turn to the Internet for advice, support, and information. In one recent survey, more than half of adults said that what they found on the Internet had an impact on how they care for themselves or someone else.

What to Watch:

Advances in technology are producing new ways to deliver health information for consumers and doctors. These changes could give parents more freedom, flexibility, and responsibility when it comes to meeting family medical needs. However, it will be more important than ever for doctors to work with their patients to ensure that the information derived from the burgeoning array of media sources is relevant and appropriate for their kids. No matter what, consumer-driven health care is here to stay ― and more changes are in the offing.

For Teens:

Talking to Your Doctor
Figuring Out Health News

For Parents:

How to Talk to Your Child’s Doctor
Your Child’s Checkups
Making Sense of Medical News

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