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Kids' Health Issues to Watch: Keeping Child's Play Safe

Keeping Child's Play Safe

A wave of toy recalls put new questions about toy safetyand the dangers of lead exposurein the spotlight.

From Barbie to Thomas the Tank Engine, some of America's most popular toys were hit by safety recalls. The recalls of millions of toys raised new concerns about how to choose safe toys and keep unsafe items out of kids' hands. And since many of the recalls involved concerns about lead exposure, new attention was also paid to the risks of lead poisoning — when chronic exposure to lead brings on a host of behavior, learning, and developmental problems.

What to Watch:

With more and more products coming from overseas, many public officials are calling on Congress to ensure better enforcement of U.S. safety standards on foreign-made goods sold here, particularly those for children. Safety scares about popular toys will have parents on high alert when they're picking out playthings and more vigilant about supervising kids during play.

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