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Kids' Health Issues to Watch in 2008

Few issues are closer to our hearts or more crucial to our future than the health of children. As an abundance of children's health issues hit the media spotlight in 2007, it was a challenge for many parents to keep track of them all or determine which matter most. So as we did at the end of 2005 and 2006, the physicians and editors at KidsHealth sifted through developments affecting kids and families to choose 10 important trends to watch in the year ahead.   

Some strike close to home and involve things parents do routinely to keep their kids safe and healthy. Others, for now at least, seem to be in the hands of lawmakers or scientists, far removed from our immediate lives yet no less important to kids' well being. And at least one might seem to be a world away — so tragic it's difficult to fathom amid our everyday lives.

This list isn't meant to be comprehensive, nor does it suggest that other health issues aren't also important. But we think these 10 subjects will have a lasting impact on children's health in 2008.

The 10 Kids' Health Issues to Watch in 2008:

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